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How to get here
Frequent ferry schedules. Ferries from Pireus: 4.30 hours. Ferries from Rafina: 4 hours, or high speed ferries:2 hours.

Beware! In August strong winds, called ''meltemia'' blow in the Cyclades, which may hinder travel and definitely sea bathing. Consider if you prefer some other season, July or September.

Where to stay
Rooms to let and hotels in the town of Tinos and in the nearby area. If you search, you may also find a place to stay in the inner parts of the island, at the villages. You can ask. There is also "Xenia", the Union of Renting Rooms and Appartments.

See two proposed sites: Vincenzo Travel - Vincenzo Rooms

What to visit
The Cathedral of Evangelistria in the Town of Tinos, the exhibitions hosted, icons and artefacts made by Tinian artists.
Visit at least shortly the inner parts of the island to see many picturesque villages, dovecotes and innumerable small churches. You may combine swimming and lunch or dinner in some offshore villages.

Various bars and night life in the Town of Tinos and shortly further. Taverns and some cafes in the villages. Experiment!

Tinos is rich in local tradional products, you should look for them. We are suggestively mentioning ''raki'', local sweets, cheese and ''myzithra'' (kind of cheese).

From Tinos to...
There are frequent ferries or high speed ferries schedules for the other Cyclades. Andros, Syros and Myconos are very close, but there are also ferry schedules to Paros, Naxos or Santorini.

Port Authorities
Rafina: +30-22940- 22300
Pireus: +30-210- 4226000
Tinos: +30-22830 - 22348, 22220
Boat Schedules: 143

In Tinos (22830)
Police: (22830) - 22100, 22255
Tourist Police: (22830) - 23670
Town Hall: (22830) - 23733
Fire Department: (22830) - 22234
Health Centre: (22830) - 22210
Information Desk-Municipality of Tinos: (22830) - 23780
Tourism information: (22830) - 25888, 51888

Useful Telephones
Greek Organization of Telecommunications : (22830) - 24449
Busses: (22830) - 22440
Taxis: (22830) - 22470
Post Office: (22830) - 22247
Evangelistria of Tinos Foundation: (22830) - 22256

Health center
Ysternia: (22830) - 31206
Komi: (22830) - 51210
Steni: (22830) - 41229

Agrotiki: (22830) - 22225
Ethniki: (22830) - 23088
Emporiki: (22830) - 22491
Eurobank: (22830) - 24766

Are you adventurous? Don't forget your map!


Ανακαλύψτε την Τήνο !


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