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No, we are not a company wishing to advertise indirectly its products, neither politicians who want to create a good image before an election! We haven't even received any funding to make these pages.

Whatever we do, we do it because we love and care for our island.

People who worked for this website:

  • John Vidalis, who had the idea and gave the initiative.
  • Dimitris Vidos, who designed this website.
  • Aggeliki Vossou, site translation and administration.
  • Nikiforos Kollaros, who designed ''Alternative Tinos'' , also helps to update Pigeon.gr.
  • Mathaios Psaltis, who contributed in designing ''Alternative Tinos''.
  • Aris Polemis, responsible for ''Alternative Tinos'' text translations.
  • Ìaria Georgiou, responsible for the 80% of the construction of tinos.biz and not only
  • Katerina Gavriliadi, who made the english and italian translations
  • Translating in french by C. FETIS - SKALADOS friend of Tinos Island
  • Whoever else, is welcome to contribute.

Vincenzo Family Hotel Rooms and accomodation in Tinos island, Cyclades, Greece

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